March 4, 2011

Obsession & Inspiration...

Hi friends!!

I wanted to share this fabulous new site with you! Some of you may already of heard of it.. and could already be a pin addict like myself! It is called Pinterest! It is still in the Beta testing.. so it hasn't gone totally public yet. In order to get in you have to either request membership.. or get invited by someone that is already a member. It is a mecca of images all taken from great places on the internet. Blogs, companies, ads.. etc. People "pin" them and then they are all there on Pinterest for us to create visual boards with. Each image links back to where it originally came from.. so it is a wealth of inspiration for crafters, cooks, bakers, designers etc.. It is really fun, and extremely addictive!

These are few (..and only a few as there are hundreds I have saved now).. of my favourite things I have found there, and ways to make them work for ideas and inspiration for you!

Isn't this great!! You can take this idea and create it into a fabulous piece of art for your home. Check garage sales and flea markets for old spools of thread. Preferably ones that still have the stickers with details on the bottoms and tops. Get some heavy duty glue, and a painters canvas, or a small bulletin board. Glue the spools down in a shape of a heart like above. Voila! Unique, fun art for your walls.... A great conversation piece!

Tea time!! This idea excites me! I would like to make one with mismatching tea cups. Pinks and golds and maybe turquoise blues! All you need is a candelabra.. found from a thrift store or maybe Target or WalMart even. Some spraypaint to paint it with. (give it a few coats making sure to dry fully in between). And then some really strong epoxy or cement type glue to glue on your teacups with. Tea cups can be found at garage and yard sales, thrift stores and recycling centers for just a couple dollars each. Then after you have created your masterpiece you can fill your cups with whatever your heart desires! I personally can picture this out in the backyard on a table in the summer with candles in each of the cups. Wouldn't that look pretty at night with friends over! I sure think so... ;)

How about these incredible paper fortune cookies!! I just adore these. They would be so much fun at your next dinner party.. or at a wedding, or a party of any kind! Imagine all the possibilities with all the pretty paper that all of us crafters keep stacks and stacks of!! And really super easy to make. Follow this link to find out the instructions.

Do you have picky eaters at home?? Little toddlers that will only eat the same 3 foods day in and day out..? I know what that's like! I love these ideas for FUN finger foods that will make snack time a whole lot more interesting. I pinned these from Pinterest as well!

Super fun hey!! Kids would just love these fun foods.. I am sure of it! You can find these and a few more ideas at ideas at Jill Dubiens blog..

Aren't these beautiful! Paper butterflies...  so easy with a butterfly paper punch and a bit of tape or removable glue. If you don't have a punch or want bigger butterflies.. just simply draw a few onto cardboard and then cut them out. Use them to trace many onto your paper. Then set them free on your wall.. a really easy fun design. Image found on Pinterest.

 Scrapbooking, journaling, card making.. book ideas! All found on Pinterest.. So much inspiration you won't know what to create first!

It took me about a week and a half to get accepted to the Pinterest group after I requested an invite through their website. You can also get in if you know people that are already members. Each member is given some invites when they first get in.. to give to their friends. Good luck! Have fun! And Happy Pinning!! 

Have a great day!



  1. Yes! I pinned that spool heart too!! I love it! =)

  2. Wow, love everything you posted. I just sent them a request! Hopefully they will "accept" me quicker than a week and a half. Thanks for sharing, always love finding cool stuff like this:)


  3. Dear Ashley

    Thanks so much for showing me this web site! What fun. Is it OK if I quote you on my blog?

  4. From one Canadian to another, I am so impressed with your blog and all your work!! Truly amazing!! I have the Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog for you!

  5. Yes of course Anne!! Thank you :)

    ....and thanks so much Linda! I am honoured..

  6. So clever! What a great way to use those spools!


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