November 22, 2010


Hi friends!

As you may know I am in Canada.. but I am  on the very westcoast of Canada on Vancouver Island, and the winters are VERY mild here every year. We usually don't see snow until December or January.. if we do at all. Well wow! Mother nature has decided to switch things up this year. We have lots of snow right now and it is quite cold already! I personally don't care for the snow much.. unless it is right at Christmas. Hard to get around.. my fiance can't work in it, and my son can't go to school in it. So yes.. I am less than impressed today. But.. it is pretty when it's covering the trees and the moonlight hits it.. so I do appreciate the scenery.

I had my big jewelry sale this past weekend at the university here in town! That's when all the snow started to fall.. luckily it didn't come down hard until after it was all over. The sale went really well! I met alot of new people and saw many that I already know and love. I sold quite a few pieces that I created specifically for that weekend so all is good in the land of ModRocks ;) There are many many pieces that I still have that I need to take pictures of and need to load up on to my fan page. Really hard to do that with the weather right now.. but need to make it happen!! Here are a few pics from that sale that I took....

I wish the pictures were a little clearer but I didn't have the best camera with me that day. I guess they could be much worse.. ;)

Hope your all staying warm wherever you are around the world! Hopefully the snow here will go away for awhile and come back in a month for Christmas time... And another jewelry sale on Dec 4th to look forward to. More creating to do!

Happy Monday friends!



  1. Love your display. So cute with the pink and black. How did you make the necklace displays I love them.

  2. Thanks! I used bulletin boards and wrapped them in black vinyl :)

  3. Congratulation to success of your jewelry sale, it's impressive task to meet different types of peoples. And you have nice pieces of jewelry. Thanks you for sharing these pictures. Pet Caskets

  4. Love your presentation, very pretty and well laid out. Plus the pink and black is a eye catcher.

  5. Very well deal it was I think so, and year end function should be fantastic. Waiting for it. Good to see you. social commerce


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