July 31, 2010

From The Garden...

Gorgeous sunny days here! Really enjoying them and wishing it would stay this way forever..

A few months back we planted a garden in the backyard. Potatoes, zuchini, squash, pumpkins, strawberries, onions, radishes, garlic, peas and lettuce. Lots of yummy fresh veggies! So far the strawberries have come and gone... they were great! As well as the peas. Mmm.

Tonight we went in and dug out about 8 pounds of potatoes! A whole bunch of lettuce, some onions and a bunch of garlic cloves! Dinner was created....

I made some chicken burgers with lots of romaine lettuce on them... and roasted up the potatoes with a bit of olive oil, the onions and lots of fresh garlic! Summer eats all from the garden!! So good.

I heart summer.. and everything that comes along with it. I hope to post some pics of the giant pumpkins once they are done! Wonder how big they will get this year..??  ;)

Happy summer friends...


July 30, 2010

Blog Hop...

Hi friends!

I'm excited to share some news with you! My facebook friend Sarah at  PinkCricut.com is having a Back To School blog hop on Aug 7th! There will be 10 blogs participating... and each one will have some blog candy (prizes) to give away. I have been chosen to be one of those blogs (thank you Sarah)!!

Myself and the other ladies will all have a Back To School project completed and displayed on our blogs for you to check out and comment on! You will start at Sarahs blog.. and work your way through the projects and blogs.. then return to Sarahs for the grand prize entry! Sarah says there will be atleast TWO Cricut cartridges available to be won!! Exciting!!!!

This is taking place on Saturday Aug 7th starting at 8am. You can come and join in on the hop at any time during that day!

Hope to see you all there! Don't miss your chance to see some GREAT projects and inspiration, and also to enter to win a bunch of blog candy...

Come and join the facebook event page so that you can be reminded of the fun closer to the date!

Happy Friday!


July 27, 2010

What INSPIRES you??

Inspiration is all around us! For myself.. I am inspired on a daily basis by so many lovely and fabulous things. My jewelry, photography, scrapbooking, art and clothing reflect this... I am always creating multiple items at one time... definately a little (a lot) overwhelming..yes! But I wouldn't have it any other way.. :)

My favourite inspiration comes from.. vintage items, loud color, lush texture, form, love, femininity, vintage (did I say that already?? hahaa), flowers, sunshine, music, wallpaper, the many shades of pink and red (especially together), cute little creatures, roller skating, fashion and ...cupcakes! Yes cupcakes. I heart them ♥

Here are a few things from my favourite inspiration list right now... enjoy!

 Vintage Coral Blooming Roses Bracelet from Etsy seller Elisal

 Hot Pink & Gold Cupcake stands from Etsy seller affairaphernalia

 Some luxurious fabrics by designer Amy Butler and more.. found here in this sellers shop BleuVanilleDestash

 Yummy vintage turquoise candy dish found at ShayRose 


 Pure and Real print by Etsy seller PeggyWolfDesign

...and last but definately not least! EVERYthing over at RedVelvetArt

Thanks for taking the time to check out what inspires me right now, and I hope you can find things that inspire you each and every single day! I'm off to create something fabulous! Happy Tuesday friends.. 


p.s. What inspires YOU??....


July 18, 2010

New Studio ♥ ♥

I am on a buying, shopping, designing FRENZY! At the end of this month I will once again have a large space designated just to ME... a space that is colorful, cheerful, warm and inviting.. and best of all it will be FULL of all my favourite things! My studio.

We recently moved to a new home and I have had my lovely sister staying with me since then. All of my scrapbooking supplies, beads, containers, ribbon racks, tools.. etc! ..have all been stored in boxes since I packed and moved a few months back. I had a complete 2 bedroom downstairs suite as my studio before... so you can imagine just how much stuff I actually have!

I love decorating... and I love the color P!NK! So today I went out to our local thrift store ...(I also LOVE thrifting for vintage and neat unique finds) ..and found a few things to add to my new space. I bought a bamboo pencil/pen and scissors holder.. for a dollar. A solid wood coat rack (which I will hang some of my designer fabrics from and fill the top with more goodies).. for 3 dollars. A round wooden cutting board with a tall glass bell cloche top.. (I'm not sure what prize of mine will be displayed inside this yet).. for a dollar. And a really great wicker and wrought iron rack..(for stamp pads and such).. for 2 dollars.

Then it was a trip to Home Depot and I picked up some sandpaper and 2 cans of "Berry" pink spray paint! 12 dollars total there.

I was set!! I cut apart and layed out a giant black garbage bag on my lawn. (did I mention I hadn't really done this before?? ) Gave everything a good wipe down and a soft quick sanding. Then it was spray time!

My trusting kitty Levi decided to oversee the adventure.......

 ........he managed to stay orange and not pink. Me on the other hand..?? Lol, humm.

Everything turned out pretty good for 19 dollars in total.! I am excited to get it all into my space along with everything else. I will be blogging the set up and designing stages.. I have LOTS of fun things that I have collected ....and a few tips and ideas to share with you!! Next weekend, more thrifting.. for more unique finds, and perhaps another trip to Home Depot for a contrasting paint color.

Any ideas on what that color should be??? ;)


CHA is coming !!

Time for the Craft and Hobby Associations Summer Convention and Trade Show! It's big.. really big!! All of the scrapbooking designers and companies from around the world attend this convention and rent a booth.. they show the public all of their new products for the upcoming seasons. It is a crafters dream! It is being held in Rosemont IL, USA. There are make & takes, workshops, samples... goodie bags etc! The convention lasts for 2 days.. which is 2 days of bliss for scrapbookers like myself!

I have never been to a CHA. As I am up in Canada and it is somewhat of a far trip. I do hope to attend one day though. For now... I sit at home on my laptop, and drool over all the "sneak peeks" of what will be released there. There are many, MANY... bloggers that keep track of these sneak peaks for us all to look at every day. One of my favourite ones is here.. Pink Cricut. She, (Sarah).. has been posting all the new stuff as it has become available to the internet. Be sure to click on her website link... and check out all the new items coming! The page goes wayyyyyy down, so make sure you have a few moments to peek at everything!

A few of my faves so far are the Pink Plum collection by Crate Paper.

And the Brook collection by Crate Paper as well....

My other fave so far is the Welcome Home collection by Teresa Collins. Just gorgeous!!

Super excited! And only days away now....

Make sure you check out the links above for all the sneak peeks at the collections, tools and accessories coming to a scrapbooking store near you..very soon!

Happy CHA!


July 14, 2010

Summer eats..

Mmmmm, there really is nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer months! If I could survive on fruit.. I most surely would. Watermelons, strawberries, peaches, blueberries and big fat green grapes..love!

I have been adding my summer fruits to vanilla yogurt and then adding natural granola on top of it! You should try it... it's fabulous as breakfast, lunch or dinner! I have also been squeezing fresh lemons and adding them to tall glasses of ice water on a daily basis. Refreshing and a great natural cleanse for the body..

I heart summer!! And all the fresh fruit and veggies that come along with it. If you have a great summer recipe using fresh fruit or veggies I would love for you to share it with myself and my readers...

Happy summer friends...


July 7, 2010

Busy week!!

Wow, please excuse my absence.. it has been a week since I blogged! So much has happened on the home front that I probably would have lost my head if it wasn't attached..

....It is summer here! Finally! My son went off to camp a few days ago... we had to drive him a couple hours out of town to his destination. He was SO excited... me, ahhh not so much...lol. Every year (his 5th year), it gets a bit easier.. but I really don't like leaving him somewhere that I am not there to watch over him. We have been really close for his short little life so I am assuming that is why. (the usual mom issues right!?)
However.. I do realize that soon enough he will be flying the coop to university..
and I will just have to "deal with it". *sigh* They grow up so fast...

We also adopted a new fur baby in to our family! A beautiful orange 8 month old kitty named Levi. He belonged to a friend of mine that was moving, and she couldn't take him with her. She was going to have to take him to the local SPCA.. so we decided to at least try him out at our home before that had to happen. (We have a 5 year old pug-a-poo dog named Lucy already that's not so fond of sharing her attention). Turns out it was meant to be! Levi the cat and Lucy the dog are new BFF's forever! I was so surprised at how well they bonded with each other instantly. Furry snuggles and kisses on the nose are a daily routine already and he has only been here a few days : )

I've also been working on a few scrapbooking layouts, mailing orders, taking MANY new pictures of beads for my Etsy store !! ....and have been trying to spend some quality time with the fiance.. (since we only get 7 days alone a year)... one very busy week!!!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine... thanks for following

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