July 14, 2010

Summer eats..

Mmmmm, there really is nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer months! If I could survive on fruit.. I most surely would. Watermelons, strawberries, peaches, blueberries and big fat green grapes..love!

I have been adding my summer fruits to vanilla yogurt and then adding natural granola on top of it! You should try it... it's fabulous as breakfast, lunch or dinner! I have also been squeezing fresh lemons and adding them to tall glasses of ice water on a daily basis. Refreshing and a great natural cleanse for the body..

I heart summer!! And all the fresh fruit and veggies that come along with it. If you have a great summer recipe using fresh fruit or veggies I would love for you to share it with myself and my readers...

Happy summer friends...



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