June 30, 2010

A kind heart...

Hi friends!

I was just perusing all my favourite Twitter spots and I stumbled upon a tweet that read like this.. "I only have 44 followers on my blog after almost 100 posts... I'm getting discouraged". Being a new blogger with a small amount of followers myself, I wanted to see more about this. So I clicked on this gals link.. and I found a very generous, kind hearted soul.

Kristi McMurry is her name, and she runs a charity shop called Shepherds Haven on Etsy.

The Haven Day Center is a ministry to individuals with developmental disabilities (20 years or older) which provides a safe, exciting place to have day activities ranging from work related to fun-filled experiences in a Christian setting. Some of our activities include creating pottery including beautiful crosses, jewelry, tabletop accessories and our signature lambs. All of the items in this shop are from Shepherd's Haven Day Center and 100% of sales will go toward helping them continue this ministry.

 If your looking for a unique gift for someone or just feel the need to make your heart all warm and fuzzy... go to Kristi's shop and purchase something for  The Haven Day CenterWe can all make the world a better place by following in Kristi's kind and generous footprints ❤
Kristi also has a very beautiful personal blog, with many fun photo's to browse through. You can find it here!

Have a great day!


June 29, 2010

So proud of you...

My son finished grade 8 today! He made it through unscathed and quite happy with the outcome. ;)  ...he went in to pick up his report card and he received outstanding achievement certificates as well as an honour roll certificate in his envelope. That's twice this year that his marks enabled him to get on to that list.. I'm sure you can guess just how proud of him I am!

I remember back when I was in grade 8, how scary the big hallways and all the new faces were. Having to change classrooms HOW many times a day?? And get from one end of the school to the other end in 5 mins flat.. whilst somehow making time to say hi to friends, change books in the locker, smile at that cute boy in passing.. AND do it all without bumping in to any of those bigger scary kids!! Ahh, highschool.

We can only hope that what we have taught our children as they have grown is enough for them to make the best and wisest decisions on their own paths. To be strong enough to speak their minds in a polite way, say no when they need to.. and to find a comfortable place to fit in, in order to find out who they truly are.

I do believe my son is exactly where he should be today, and doing it all with grace and style.

                                                                         So proud. xo

June 28, 2010

Got Beads???

Hi friends!!

It has been "de-stashing bead season" in my house this past week. I have been collecting and purchasing beads for years.. and realized that I probably had way more than I really needed to. The boxes and containers were taking up an obscene amount of space... so it was time to sort through them and sell them to some other deserving bead addict looking for a great deal!

I have a second shop on Etsy.. (other than my main jewelry shop) that I use to sell supplies, photography prints and the occasional piece of art that I am willing to part with. I have had a good amount of business there.. so this is where all of my "extra" beads have currently been listed.

So far so good!!  With a whole lot more to go...  I had quite a few sales in the first couple days of listing, and got them all mailed out right away. Now I am working on getting the rest photographed and listed. A lot more work than I had anticipated!

If you are looking for some good buys on some beautiful supplies.. make sure you take a peek at what I have up before it's all gone. Everything is being listed for less than what I purchased for, and it's all still brand new in packages.

Got beads?? ;)

June 15, 2010

.....to be continued.

I decided to start on a new 12 by 12 layout today, but then remembered that my scrap table was upright in the hallway by the front door. My fiance had to "borrow" it last weekend and there it has sat since. It is one of those 10 foot long tables with folding legs.. quite portable and light. I absolutely LOVE it. Purchased it from Costco a few years ago. So.. I figured I would drag it back in to my room where my make shift set up is right now. The sister is staying in the spare room, so I have made a temporary space to hold me over.

I pulled out as much stuff as I could place around me, and found a perfect picture to start with. My niece.. looking so wide eyed and beautiful as a baby. (she is 6 years old now.. gosh time sure flies) Found some cute background papers and started cutting up some matching Bazzil Basics card stock. (my fave!!)

I took a few other pics of random supplies that I love so much... fingering through all my pads, stickers, stamps and rub ons... I just wanted to see it all! I'm not used to not having my own space to work in.. I have been very lucky so far with my own craft rooms.

By the time I had pulled everything out, and went through it all to make sure it was all still pretty and fabulous... got the colors and papers figured out... it was time to make dinner and get things finished up around the house. So my layout sits... waiting to be finished tomorrow.

If I wake up in the middle of the night to scrap... that's okay right?? ;)

Ashley A.

June 14, 2010

Mmmm sushi!

I had to try it! I love sushi.. but have never made it at home before. I can craft.. surely I could make some rolls right!?? ........Yes! It worked out great! Looked good and tasted even better. I used sushi rice, cucumber, imitation crab, and topped it with chipotle mayo. Started out with basic rolls for the first time.

Really easy to make too. Just make sure you have a glass with cold water close by to dip your spoon in for patting down the rice.. it gets super sticky!

Ta daaah! Fast, healthy and delicious. Guess what I plan on eating all summer ;)

Try it!

Ashley A.

June 12, 2010

♥ This Is Me ♥

After much deliberation on what to make my first post about.. I have decided to write about me, myself and I.... mmm a little selfish perhaps!?? People always seem quite intrigued when I attempt to explain to them all about my passions, hobbies...and what my life consists of today. "You do that TOO?" Hahaa, yes I do that too... So here it is in short form... from me, to you.

My teenage son. He fills my world with wonder and mystery, love and excitement. Never a dull day or conversation with him by my side. He has taught me to be patient, open minded and strong. At 14 years old he has the ability to see what he clearly wants in his future, and makes his daily decisions based on this. Incredibly blessed to have him in my life. I am also engaged to Captain Planet! Yes, haha... that's right. Save the moon, the earth and all the animals and species that live on it! Recycler extraordinaire! He comes with a gentle heart, an amazing body (did I write that!).. and a warm smile which makes me a very lucky lady ....*smile*. (and the emptiest garbage bins on the block. Re-duce Re-use Re-cycle please!!)

I started crafting and "collecting" things when I was very young. My space was an explosion of pens in every juicy color, paper in all it's textured forms.. and every brightly colored eraser I could get my little hands on. Perfection! ..It then carried on to lush designer fabrics, beads, ribbons, stamps .. and more paper! I loved "pretty things". I needed and wanted to own it all. A crafter by heart, I started to make jewelry for my friends and family.. as well as my own visual diaries with every scrap of paper that crossed my path as a teenager. Well known for ALWAYS having a camera in my pocket. I would take my fabrics and make simple wrap skirts that I wore in the summer... followed by bags, belts, pillows and even pin cushions! If I could sew it, it was going to be created! And if you happened to be around me throughout the years, I was taking your picture for my scrapbooks.

I started my own little online store after the local shops wanted to sell my items. I had bags and jewelry for sale in the downtown shops here in my city. They did quite well. They sold out most of the time... but the money I was getting from the split just didn't seem worth it. That's when I switched to Ebay.. and ended up with a much better profit. I was doing art now as well. Collages, paintings and ACEO cards. (all the rage back then). I was wrapping my fabrics over canvases and attaching vintage buttons and ribbons to the front to make my infamous "button gardens". They now hang along with my art, on walls all over the world. Something I am very proud of. Then I found Etsy. It had just started and was quite small, but I took a chance at it and loaded all my items in the storefront I created there. I did all my own graphics and even went on to design storefronts for many of my friends and customers. I was now selling handmade jewelry, altered art, fabric canvases, graphic designs and ta dahhh - premade scrapbooking pages. This went well! So well that I had to open another storefront on Etsy just for my jewelry. Which has now tripled in business to local and long distance sales for me.

During this time I also gave birth to my son, worked in real estate, became a certified fitness instructor, designed some clothing, became a paid photographer, met my soul mate and found my fur baby Lucy! But I never lost my creativity. It's in my blood.

Today, I probably own enough craft supplies to open a good sized store. I am always purging and filling boxes full of items for my friends along the way... "trying" to downsize. But, that will just never happen I don't think. I get weak in the knees when I walk in to a Micheals store or a Fabricland. The bead stores know me by name and love to see me coming. I have my fabrics, my papers, my stamps, my beads, my albums, my tools... all of it beautiful, modern and fabulous!

This is .......my creative path.

Ashley Anthony

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