June 28, 2010

Got Beads???

Hi friends!!

It has been "de-stashing bead season" in my house this past week. I have been collecting and purchasing beads for years.. and realized that I probably had way more than I really needed to. The boxes and containers were taking up an obscene amount of space... so it was time to sort through them and sell them to some other deserving bead addict looking for a great deal!

I have a second shop on Etsy.. (other than my main jewelry shop) that I use to sell supplies, photography prints and the occasional piece of art that I am willing to part with. I have had a good amount of business there.. so this is where all of my "extra" beads have currently been listed.

So far so good!!  With a whole lot more to go...  I had quite a few sales in the first couple days of listing, and got them all mailed out right away. Now I am working on getting the rest photographed and listed. A lot more work than I had anticipated!

If you are looking for some good buys on some beautiful supplies.. make sure you take a peek at what I have up before it's all gone. Everything is being listed for less than what I purchased for, and it's all still brand new in packages.

Got beads?? ;)

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