June 14, 2010

Mmmm sushi!

I had to try it! I love sushi.. but have never made it at home before. I can craft.. surely I could make some rolls right!?? ........Yes! It worked out great! Looked good and tasted even better. I used sushi rice, cucumber, imitation crab, and topped it with chipotle mayo. Started out with basic rolls for the first time.

Really easy to make too. Just make sure you have a glass with cold water close by to dip your spoon in for patting down the rice.. it gets super sticky!

Ta daaah! Fast, healthy and delicious. Guess what I plan on eating all summer ;)

Try it!

Ashley A.


  1. Seriously?!!! You make sushi,too?!!! Sooooo jealous... I'm coming to your house for dinner!! : )

  2. Hahahaa I do now! It's so easy.. you should try it :)

  3. Thanks a big fat lot! Sooooo hungry now! :) Looks so yummy! My brother makes sushi...maybe I can get him to make me some this week....

  4. I was already craving sushi, but now I'm reaaaaaallly craving it!


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