June 29, 2010

So proud of you...

My son finished grade 8 today! He made it through unscathed and quite happy with the outcome. ;)  ...he went in to pick up his report card and he received outstanding achievement certificates as well as an honour roll certificate in his envelope. That's twice this year that his marks enabled him to get on to that list.. I'm sure you can guess just how proud of him I am!

I remember back when I was in grade 8, how scary the big hallways and all the new faces were. Having to change classrooms HOW many times a day?? And get from one end of the school to the other end in 5 mins flat.. whilst somehow making time to say hi to friends, change books in the locker, smile at that cute boy in passing.. AND do it all without bumping in to any of those bigger scary kids!! Ahh, highschool.

We can only hope that what we have taught our children as they have grown is enough for them to make the best and wisest decisions on their own paths. To be strong enough to speak their minds in a polite way, say no when they need to.. and to find a comfortable place to fit in, in order to find out who they truly are.

I do believe my son is exactly where he should be today, and doing it all with grace and style.

                                                                         So proud. xo


  1. Congratulation for your son. Mine is 2 year older and very good guy also.

  2. Thanks Rora! It's a great feeling to be a proud parent isn't it :)


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