June 15, 2010

.....to be continued.

I decided to start on a new 12 by 12 layout today, but then remembered that my scrap table was upright in the hallway by the front door. My fiance had to "borrow" it last weekend and there it has sat since. It is one of those 10 foot long tables with folding legs.. quite portable and light. I absolutely LOVE it. Purchased it from Costco a few years ago. So.. I figured I would drag it back in to my room where my make shift set up is right now. The sister is staying in the spare room, so I have made a temporary space to hold me over.

I pulled out as much stuff as I could place around me, and found a perfect picture to start with. My niece.. looking so wide eyed and beautiful as a baby. (she is 6 years old now.. gosh time sure flies) Found some cute background papers and started cutting up some matching Bazzil Basics card stock. (my fave!!)

I took a few other pics of random supplies that I love so much... fingering through all my pads, stickers, stamps and rub ons... I just wanted to see it all! I'm not used to not having my own space to work in.. I have been very lucky so far with my own craft rooms.

By the time I had pulled everything out, and went through it all to make sure it was all still pretty and fabulous... got the colors and papers figured out... it was time to make dinner and get things finished up around the house. So my layout sits... waiting to be finished tomorrow.

If I wake up in the middle of the night to scrap... that's okay right?? ;)

Ashley A.

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