July 31, 2010

From The Garden...

Gorgeous sunny days here! Really enjoying them and wishing it would stay this way forever..

A few months back we planted a garden in the backyard. Potatoes, zuchini, squash, pumpkins, strawberries, onions, radishes, garlic, peas and lettuce. Lots of yummy fresh veggies! So far the strawberries have come and gone... they were great! As well as the peas. Mmm.

Tonight we went in and dug out about 8 pounds of potatoes! A whole bunch of lettuce, some onions and a bunch of garlic cloves! Dinner was created....

I made some chicken burgers with lots of romaine lettuce on them... and roasted up the potatoes with a bit of olive oil, the onions and lots of fresh garlic! Summer eats all from the garden!! So good.

I heart summer.. and everything that comes along with it. I hope to post some pics of the giant pumpkins once they are done! Wonder how big they will get this year..??  ;)

Happy summer friends...



  1. Everything looks so tasty! Wish I could have come over for dinner! haha

  2. Thanks Kristi! It was so good!! Nothing like fresh garden food.. yumm!


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