July 7, 2010

Busy week!!

Wow, please excuse my absence.. it has been a week since I blogged! So much has happened on the home front that I probably would have lost my head if it wasn't attached..

....It is summer here! Finally! My son went off to camp a few days ago... we had to drive him a couple hours out of town to his destination. He was SO excited... me, ahhh not so much...lol. Every year (his 5th year), it gets a bit easier.. but I really don't like leaving him somewhere that I am not there to watch over him. We have been really close for his short little life so I am assuming that is why. (the usual mom issues right!?)
However.. I do realize that soon enough he will be flying the coop to university..
and I will just have to "deal with it". *sigh* They grow up so fast...

We also adopted a new fur baby in to our family! A beautiful orange 8 month old kitty named Levi. He belonged to a friend of mine that was moving, and she couldn't take him with her. She was going to have to take him to the local SPCA.. so we decided to at least try him out at our home before that had to happen. (We have a 5 year old pug-a-poo dog named Lucy already that's not so fond of sharing her attention). Turns out it was meant to be! Levi the cat and Lucy the dog are new BFF's forever! I was so surprised at how well they bonded with each other instantly. Furry snuggles and kisses on the nose are a daily routine already and he has only been here a few days : )

I've also been working on a few scrapbooking layouts, mailing orders, taking MANY new pictures of beads for my Etsy store !! ....and have been trying to spend some quality time with the fiance.. (since we only get 7 days alone a year)... one very busy week!!!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine... thanks for following


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  1. Enjoy your summer! I've always dreamed of having a cat and a dog that were best buddies :)


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