August 25, 2010

Blog awards!

Wow! I am really excited! I received TWO blog awards this week from two very special ladies.. Sarah at Pink Cricut and Theresa over at The Scrapbooking Queen both chose me for the Cherry On Top Blog Award! I am honored and excited that my blog inspires you both. : ) Thanks so very much ladies!!

I am required to post 3 things that I love about myself upon receiving these awards ~

  • I LOVE that I was given a natural talent from birth for crafting and design.. it fills my soul every single day with inspiration, love and new ideas!
  • I LOVE that I am outgoing and open minded.. which in turn helps me make new friends almost daily! Good friends are what life is all about!
  • I LOVE that helping others makes me feel so DARN good! I couldn't imagine a life without it! 
 I am also required to post a favourite picture of mine.. (how great is that!!)..

My adorable, sweet son at 6 months old! We entered a local contest and he won a trophy for this picture! It is still one of my MOST faves ...his big happy smile, squishy cheeks and love for life haven't changed a bit in 14 years! Love you sonshine!

Now I get to pass this award on to 5 other bloggers that INSPIRE ME to create! Yay!!

A Beautiful Mess  by Elsie Flannigan ( So much color, texture and inspiration over there )

Lil Blue Boo  by Ashley ( I have never seen SO much wonderful creativity in one woman before )

Kricut Krazy by Tangee ( She makes the most creative stuff with her Cricut machine )

Gen's Scrapbook Kitchen  by Genevieve ( There's a whole lot of scrapbooking goodness in here )

The Chirp N Design  by Becky ( Wow! The layouts and cards that Becky creates are gorgeous )

The Rules in Accepting this Award are:
1. you must thank the person who passed it on to you:
2. copy award to your blog.
3. list three (3) things you love about yourself,
4. post a picture that you love on your blog,
5. pass award on to five (5) others

Thanks so much again to Sarah and Theresa!! ..and I hope to continue to inspire my readers with each and every post I make ♥

luv Ashley

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  1. Thank you so much for my award! LOVE it ~ now to figure out how to get it onto my blog....



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