February 23, 2011

Do you Cricut??

I do! I just recently (about 4 months ago).. got myself a Cricut. I had wanted one over the past few years quite badly but couldn't justify the cost when I knew I could create just fine without one.. However, I finally got one. Now I'm a happy little bug! I have 4 or 5 cartridges.. building my stash slowly. My Hello Kitty cartridge is probably my fave so far.. everything on it is just so adorable.

Well.. Provocraft has come out with a new machine to celebrate their anniversary! It is called the E2. Which is abbreviated for Expression 2. This new machine is planned to be released in April of this year and has a lot of great new features. Basically they have combined the Cricut Imagine and the Cricut Expression into one machine for a limited time only.

The new features include an LCD touch screen, wifi capability, a cutting light to enhance the view of the mat whilst cutting.. and mat preview to see and arrange the set up of your cuts! It has a pause button so you can stop halfway through cutting for whatever reason.. and the green plates on the sides are interchangeable! It is also compatible with the Gypsy and uses all of the Cricut cartridges including the Imagine carts. This machine will cut the Imagine cartridge images.. but not print like the Imagine does. (so if you are wanting to print and cut, it's still a better idea to purchase the Cricut Imagine).

ProvoCraft has also announced the new Cricut CraftRoom, which will be a free web based program, compatible with any Cricut machine, as well as with PC and Mac computers. The program will allow you to use on screen editing for any cartridge you own, and allows you to preview all of the other cartridges.

I myself, prefer not to print.. so this machine has me very excited! I am hoping they will have it in different colors eventually. Like P!NK of course ;)  This is a great machine for the Cricut user that hasn't invested a ton of money in their machines yet. Just starting out.. or wanting to upgrade without jumping right up to the Imagine. Here is a quick video from YouTube that was taken at the recent CHA event by Twinsmoms..

I'm excited! Provocraft is constantly coming out with great equipment. If you haven't gotten yourself a cutting machine yet and you are into scrapbooking or card making.. I highly recommend purchasing a Cricut. Perhaps an E2..

I will be posting many of my projects made with my Cricut in the very near future!



  1. Welcome to the bug club!!! We'll get everyone eventually! HA HA HA!!! lol Don;t you just LOVE Provo Craft?!!

  2. I can't wait!!!!

    Visit my blog I have something for you!!

  3. Hi, I found your blog through the Canadian Crafty Blog Hop. You have some great crafting ideas! I also love to Cricut! I use it for scrapbooking and card making.



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