February 20, 2011

Luv Ashley..

Hi friends!

Do you all know about the fabulous blog by Elsie, called A Beautiful Mess? It's one of my MOST favourite places to sit and daydream about owning and creating all the lovely things she posts on a daily basis.. It is run by the amazing Elsie Flannigan. There are how to's and vintage goodies, and photography and crafting goodness! I always feel so inspired when I visit her space. She also has a shop called Red Velvet that is just dreamy if your looking for unique accessories, vintage clothing or home decor with style! You should most definitely take a peek if you haven't already..

I wanted to tell you about one of the recent pieces that Elsie featured just recently.. A most FABulous star headband! It is fairytale romantic, and Wonder Woman all wrapped into one! Well, a friend of mine.. (she is my creative twin) ..she spent the last couple weeks working on creating this headband, and will now be selling them for kids and adults! They are totally non toxic, and super soft to form to the shape of little heads. I do believe she is creating them in multiple colors as well.. so perfect for photography props and princess parties!

This is Eryhn.. and her AMAZING new star band!

 Isn't it FABulous! ♥  ..you can contact Eryhn through her ShimmerBerry shop on Facebook if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, or your little princess! She also creates really pretty crystal jewelry.. so take a peek around if you stop in..

..and don't forget to check out A Beautiful Mess and Red Velvet by Elsie as well! So many wonderful ideas and inspiration there...

Happy crafting friends!!

Luv Ashley..

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